Sunday, May 6, 2012

SMS Abbreviations:

I have a question for you ?4U
Gentle warning Hmm?
Meaning "broken heart" <33
Thanks 10X
Too good to be true 2G2BT
Too much information 2MI
Tonight 2NTE
I don't know 404
Forever and ever 4EAE
Meaning Laughing 55555
Always a pleasure AAP
Anyone can come ACC
All done, bye-bye ADBB
As far as I know AFAIK
 All my best wishes AMBW
As soon as possible ASAP
Age/sex/location ASL
All the best ATB
At the moment ATM
Are you serious? AYS
Are you there? AYT
Back to work B2W
Boss is watching B9
Can't talk now CTN
Check this out CTO
See you CU
See you later CUL
Check your e-mail CYE
Disconnect DC
Do you remember? DUR
EME-mail address EMA
End of message EOM
Face to face F2F
Fingers crossed FC
God bless you GBU
Good night, sweet dreams GNSD
How are you? HRU
I don't know IDK
In your opinion IYO
Just a minute JAM
Just wondering JW
Keep in touch KIT
Merry Christmas MC
May God Bless! MGB
Mind your own business MYOB
Never mind NM
No strings attached NSA
Never mind NVM
Only for you O4U
Oh my God OMG

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