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POKHARA - The U.S. Embassy’s American Center launched a democracy comic book here today with the help of famed Nepali cartoonist Durga Baral (“Batsayan”). The one-time publication promotes civic participation by Nepali youth.

The four-page color publication, “Democracy Comic Book - Dream of a Prosperous Nepal” (in Nepali: “Sammunat Nepalko Sapana”), was commissioned and funded by the American Center. Cartoonist Batsayan unveiled a copy of the comic book before a large gathering of school children. The event was co-sponsored by the American Center, Pokhreli Youba Sanskritik Pariwar, a Nepali cultural organization, and Samudaik Sambandha Kendra, the Community Information Center of Pokhara.

The comic book’s plot focuses on two youths and teaches the importance of civic participation by all young people to build a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Nepal. It is intended to motivate Nepali youth to overcome frustrations of existing political, economic, and social challenges by getting involved and contributing to their nation. Ultimately, the story teaches, the next generation will play a powerful role in shaping Nepal’s future.

Sharon Hudson-Dean, deputy director of the American Center said at the event: “Nepal is a very old nation, and yet a very young democracy. These next few years will be critical as Nepal seeks to establish itself as a member of the democratic nations of the world. Nepali youth have an important role to play and should participate in the process to ensure that they receive the peaceful, free, and democratic future that they deserve.”

The comic book, along with a teacher’s guide, will be distributed to various youth audiences throughout Nepal. Popular Nepali playwright Ashesh Malla and artist Yogesh Khapangi created the comic for the American Center.

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