Friday, December 19, 2008

CA And peaceful Nepal in Comics

Comics, especially those of superheroes, are a favorite with children. But they can be an effective medium of education the young minds about other subjects too if presented in a manner they can understand and relate to.

Probably with that in mind, the US Embassy in Kathmandu has recently come out with four comic books, which shed light on various issues of public interest through stories and illustrations. The books will be distributed in school and libraries of all districts of the country.
The four books deal with topics like the Constituent Assembly (CA) as well as how to live in harmony and build a peaceful Nepal. They are published under the titles Haamro Sambidhan Sabha (Our Constituent Assembly), Dwandwarahit Nepal (Peaceful Nepl), Sabai Mili Banaaun Sundar Nepal (Together, Let’s Build a Flourishing Nepal) and Phoolai Phoolko Sundar Nepal (A Magnificent Garland of Beautiful Flowers). All four have stories written by Ashesh Kalla and illustrations by Yogesh Khapangi.
According to William Humnicky, Assistant Public Affair Officer at the US Embassy, they have published altogether 200,000 copies of the four books with 50,000 copies of each title and will send them to schools all Nepal in coming days. He said that they had increased the number of copies this time because of the success of their previous comic book published last year.
Meanwhile, writer Ashesh Malla said that the books would be useful for all groups even if they were especially targeted at schoolchildren. He informed that they would also be starting street plays under some of the four titles from the third week of this October. (PR)

The Kathmandu Post
15 October, 2007

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